Life Vessels for Meditation


Life Vessels for Meditation

In order to love well, we must love from a sense of overflow.

It is healthy to fulfill ones own needs in order to be full enough to nurture others.

When feeling empty and in need of self care, sit quietly with your Life Vessel.

Visualize your blessings and those things that replenish your spirit pouring into your vase, your Life Vessel, You.

Have the courage to fill yourself so that you may freely love others from a sense of overflow.

Be open to receive all good things, that you may be replenished.


Life Vessels are high fired stoneware vases designed for use in meditation. Each vase comes with a card with the meditation printed on it. Simply place the vase on a surface from which you can view it comfortably and read the meditation. Allow your thoughts to flow and fill your life vessel.

Vases are also suitable for arranging flowers. Shapes and colors vary as much as we do. Vases are roughly 6-8″ tall.

Domestic US shipping is $10 for one vessel plus $5 for each additional vessel.
International shipping is available for $25 for one vessel plus $5 for each additional vessel.

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Shiga Black-Green, Red-Glossy White, Blue-Buttermilk


Wheel of Light Studio


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