Cancellation or Refund Policy

Our policy at Wheel of Light Studio LLC regarding refunds for classes is as follows:

Refunds are offered for any class cancelled by the instructor. Student may choose to receive credit towards a future class, or transfer to a new class if they prefer.

For students who miss a class, ask to reschedule, or fail to show up, we require a 48-hour notice to make accommodations. We will make a reasonable effort to schedule make up time for clay classes missed due to illness/emergency. We will allow a transfer to a new class for a cancellation with 48-hour notice. There will be no refunds or accommodations made for students that fail to show up and make no effort to contact or communicate. Commitment to a 6-week class is treated the same as any other class concerning refund or reschedule once the 6 weeks begins; the 48 hour notice must be given before the first class for a refund. Once a 6-week class begins, the only accommodation we can make is an effort to allow for make-up time for classes due to illness/emergency.

Class space is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis. Cancellations last minute prevent others from joining and cause financial stress on our small business. Any accommodations made to refund/reschedule will be offered free of charge once. Repeated cancellations will require prepayment for future classes.