About the Potter

Robin Lucas Wheeler was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She earned her Associate of the Arts at Harrisburg Area Community College, where she continues to study the art of Ceramics. In the spring of 2014, together with her husband James, a photographer, she founded Wheel of Light Studio. Robin is a charter member of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and is also a member of the Millersburg Area Art Assoc. as well as the Perry County Council of the Arts. Robin has participated in traditional Anagama kiln firings together with Jack Troy. In addition to wood fired and Raku pottery, her work focuses primarily on functional pottery with a very creative flair.

Artist’s Statement

Clay forms a bridge that spans time, becomes a portal to the mystic. While learning traditional practices for crafting functional pottery one touches history. When experimenting with new techniques for shaping clay one looks to the future. Pottery is a craft where the four Earth elements coalesce and something magical happens. Soft earth combines with water to be guided and shaped before air and fire transform it.

Pottery is my key to the secret garden, a path to that Zen space where all is centered. Starting with basic functional pottery, exploring the art of porcelain, the work merges tradition with contemporary design. It has been fashioned by hand, tooled, etched, textured or smoothed to create art that is useful. Everyday activities can be enriched by the vibrancy and substance born of fire that is pottery. Ceramics can bring beauty and light to a world of utilitarian objects. The human soul craves beauty in order to transform the mundane into the extraordinary by giving it an outlet through which to express joy.

About Wheel of Light Studio

Wheel of Light Studio is a collaborative effort between Robin (the Potter) and James (the Photographer). The word Lucas, Robin’s maiden name, is from a Latin word meaning “Bringer of Light” and the surname Wheeler has roots in the old English tradition of adding a person’s occupation to his name, thus a Wheeler is a “Maker of Wheels”. Combining their names and their artistry, they hope to be bringers of Light into the world.