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Buy us a coffee?  Spread some joy in our community.  Help us to help others!



If you don’t need more ‘stuff’ but you like what our studio is doing within the local area, please consider making a contribution.

Before we had this brick-and-mortar business, while still working at the HACC studios, we created a new product line called Solidarity Cups.  The idea of the solidarity cup was started by something a good friend said, along the lines of, “Can’t you create something out of clay, that shows how we’re all in this together?  That we stand with each other?  I have this vision of folks marching, with black bands on their arms, a sign of solidarity.”

The cups themselves were born of this idea, and although some are small, some are large, they are different colors, but they all have the black armband, they all have a similar shape, they all have a pale inside.  Just like each and every human being, each one is indeed unique, just like you and I and our neighbor “over there”.  They are a symbol that we are a common humanity, maybe not just despite our differences, but maybe BECAUSE of our differences.

This little project, started at the suggestion of a friend, was done in such a way that we set aside a portion of every sale (25%) to be given towards a non-profit.  And over the past few years, we have donated hundreds of dollars, some of it to local programs, a couple to programs with national or even international reach.

Now that we have a physical presence in our community, this wish to give back still remains strong.  We are not a non-profit, but any gift you give to us will help us to continue to give back to our community in various ways.  Thank you for reading this far!


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