I’m Fine Project at Wheel of Light Studio LLC


June 24, 2022    
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Wheel of Light Studio

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I’m fine., a phrase we often say when we are not fine, is a statewide community project dedicated to sculpting mental health awareness, conversations and support through art. Initiated by co-curators Carrie Breschi and Maureen Joyce in 2019, I’m fine. consists of a series of workshops where participants create ceramic masks that represent the outward “mask” each wears to portray, hide or minimize their emotions and mental health challenges.

Our communities are currently facing a mental health crisis, without even knowing the collateral damage from the pandemic. I’m fine., a phrase we often say when we are not fine, is a community-engaged project dedicated to healing through the arts, to sculpting mental health conversations and to providing educational resources. The project consists of a series of community workshops in which participants create the ceramic mask they wear to portray, to overcome or to minimize their mental health struggles. In the workshops, participants are introduced to the concept that art can tell their story and can be a lifelong learning tool to reduce pain and anxiety. The workshops also strengthen Pennsylvania communities by bringing people together to engage in dialogue and, in turn, to help individuals to feel less isolated and alone in their mental health struggles.

We will be hosting one 2 hour workshop on June 24. Registration is open with consideration being given to students first. Students must be aged 12 and up. Through a generous anonymous donation and financial support from the Halifax Wildcats Education Foundation, all costs for students are covered, regardless of what school district they attend. There will be a $10 material fee for adults. Registrants will be contacted closer to the event to confirm their seat.


Bookings are closed for this event.